International Car Shipping Rates

Auto Transport Pricing

Factors of Pricing in Auto Transport

There are several factors which can affect the price of your vehicle transport. One of the key factors is the distance between the origin and the destination of your transport. One of the reasons for determining the cost of shipping is the distance of shipping the vehicle. Generally there are two shipping cost associated with a car transport. They are the cost that is paid to the driver before or after shipment. Car transportation cost may be on many other things like fuel, insurance, temporary storage, safety and security of the vehicle. The make and model of the car that needs transport service. For example the classic car will have different transportation requirements than a regular family sedan. If your vehicle is not in a running condition then it has to be pushed into the car transport carrier. This reflects the price of your shipping.

The size and weight of your vehicle also determines the price. For example: if you own a large size SUV then it will cost more because the auto transport vehicle will not be able to carry more vehicles. Also see to it that the auto company provides you with an insurance coverage. You can save money on shipping a vehicle if you follow certain factors. If you take the car to the terminal instead of them coming to your place to pick up the car then it may save them time and may lower your cost of delivery. Also if you can pick up the car from the terminal you can save money. If you book your vehicle transport service months in advance, then you have to pay less. This is because less people are booked for that time period. If you book your vehicle transport service only a month back it may cost you more because more people will start booking and so the price may go up. Try to ship your vehicle during off-season.

Ask the vehicle transport service if the price would be lower on a particular date. Sometimes the car shipping costs are adjusted because of competition, current fluctuations, oil prices and various other factors. If you want to receive your car within a specified time, you have to pay more. If you choose to rent the whole trailer, then you buy all the spots on the trailer and so it will get picked up and delivered very quickly. But this may cost more as only one vehicle is being carried in the whole trailer. But if a trailer carries anywhere 2 to 9 cars then the cost of the trip may be less. But this trailer will reach on it's time and not according to a specific date assigned by you. Government has regulated transporters on the amount of weight they may carry. Therefore, a trailer can accommodate only that much weight. If your vehicle is over 4500 pounds then you may have to pay a little more as the driver can't put other cars on his trailer.

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